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Community Living Camp

Community Living Camp


Empowering oneself to empower others


  • Developing capabilities for ‘ Learning to know’
    • Through opportunities for self-discovery.
    • Arranging sessions on enhancing the faculties of memory and imagination.
    • Providing interactions to reason out things and solve problems.
    • Developing curiosity to acquire more through life experiences.
    • Making them motivated to become life-long learners and skillful teachers in future.
  • Providing opportunities for ‘Learning to do’
    • Sessions that foster on communicating effectively with their fellow beings.
    • Social-skill building sessions through team work and meaningful interpersonal relations.
    • Engaging in environments that develop adaptability to changing roles.
    • Opportunities for enhancing competency to transform knowledge into something new.
    • Preparing trainees to take risks and develop a resolve to manage conflicts.
  • Facilitating‘Learning to live together’
    • Activities to discover others and on another.
    • Identification of shared experiences and purpose.
    • Scope for appreciation of the diversity of the other.
    • Respect for cultivating interdependence.
    • Becoming more empathetic, co-operative, caring and develop a sharing mentality.
    • Capability of encountering others and resolving conflicts through dialogue.
    • Being motivated to stick on with common objectives.
  • ‘preparing them for ‘Learning to be’
    • Inculcating thoughts of being humane in outlook.
    • Develop scope for personality development in its intellectual, moral, cultural and physical dimensions.
    • Creating an inclination towards tolerance, brotherhood, personal commitment and responsibility.

Community Camp 2020-21