Why Titus

Excellence in Teaching

  • Deeply committed teachers with tremendous influence on learners
  • Experienced teachers with Doctoral Degrees and research acumen
  • Life-connected classroom practices and objective evaluation modes
  • Teachers with State-level and National-level recognitions
  • Competent Curriculum Framers and empathetic guides

Home away from Home

  • A homely place for its students and staff.
  • Atmosphere of serenity and joy of fellowship.
  • Enthusiasm, concern and efficient networking.
  • Proximity of transportation.
  • Nearness of medical care facility.
  • Central location from Revenue offices, shops and other avenues.

Efficient Office

  • Administrative staff with sound administrative knowledge.
  • Effective execution of tasks.
  • Maintaining Coordial relationship.
  • Approachability to student community.
  • Flawless documentation.
  • Good networking with higher institutions and local bodies.

Established Alumni

  • Spread all across the globe .
  • Serving as skilled teachers, dedicated social workers, inspired spiritual leaders, empathetic medical practitioners and tutors, able administrators, genuine researchers, and mindful CEO’s.
  • Transmitters of the vision of the institution, ‘Lighted to Lighten’.

Our Assurance

  • Steady backing from the local community.
  • Unflinching Support of the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Systematic guidance from the College Management.
  • Handholding of the Alumni.
  • Close networking of staff and students.

Great Prospects

  • High placement opportunities.
  • Good knowledge of maneuvering blended learning.
  • Scope for improving communicative competence and problem solving abilities.
  • Insightful leadership abilities.
  • Students prepared for and clearing competitive examinations during their course of study.

Welcome Note by Principal

Titus College has always been a home ground of joy, enthusiasm, activities, competitions, and rich experiences of Learning and doing for more than half a century in God’s own country. Our commitment to excellence in all spheres whether it be teaching, counselling, mentoring, or any activity is deep and uncompromising.

Beyond the coverage of syllabus which is done in a very efficient and responsible manner, talents are nurtured and self-confidence enhanced.

The College is on its onward journey to address the needs of its diverse population, and embrace cultural, social, physical and emotional diversity.

Dr. Anita Mathai (Alumni 1991-1992)