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Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme

Titus II Teachers College has conceived mentoring essentially as a process of helping people to develop more effectively. It is an association between the student teachers and their mentors designed to build confidence to control their own personal and professional development. Mentoring experiences in the college is transformative for the people involved. Many mentees develop deep, life-long relationships with their mentors.

Even though mentorship is commonly assumed as a dyadic relationship, the college follows a group mentoring structure. Group mentoring, which is futuristic and practical, predominantly represents the constructivist outlook of the college.

The program is structured as ‘Mentoring Circles’ in which group mentorship is rooted in co-learning that motivates good dialogue, sharing of experiences, challenges, and opportunities to generate outcomes. Within a circle, each participant has the opportunity to develop relationships based on mutual respect and trust. The ‘Mentoring Circle’ is found effective for prospective teachers as it encourages diverse perspectives that go beyond any traditional mentoring structure.

Mentoring Structure

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