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Research consultancy & Guidance


  • To foster an attitude of enquiry and elegant solutions to stubborn problems.
  • To facilitate in hypothesis building and brainstorming.
  • To focus on building up the essential research-based skills.
  • To help triangulate the right information from looking at lots of different data.
  • To assist in the preparation of Research Reports and Research designs.

Mode of Action

  • Primarily unpaid consultancy for strengthening partnership
  • Panel discussions
  • Group consultancy
  • Telephonic assistance
  • One-to-one interactions

Guidance Obtainable to

  • Research Scholars undergoing their Post Graduate Degree, and Doctoral study.
  • Graduates & Postgraduates in the Institution for their Project preparations, Blog creations
  • Graduates undertaking Case studies, Action Research reports, etc
  • School administrators, industrial leaders for undertaking Projects at the Governmental levels.

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