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About Titus College

Managerial System

The College governing council is the supreme governing body of the college constituted under the aegis of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The members of the council are constituted for a period of three years.


The functions of the Council include:

  • Defining and upholding the College's mission, vision and strategic direction.
  • Monitoring the College's progress against agreed goals.
  • Establishing management systems and monitoring their effectiveness.
  • Ensuring that delegated responsibilities are clearly defined for the College's standing committees.
  • Ensuring that the College has effective risk management and internal controls.
  • Overseeing the effective and prudential operation of the College.
  • Approving and monitoring commercial undertakings.


Membership of Council comprises a mixture of independent (lay) members, staff members, and the Manager who would be one of the Bishops of the Mar Thoma Church.
It is expected that members will:

  • Play an active role in the Council and/or any committees to which they are appointed, attending meetings regularly, and ensuring that business is conducted efficiently and effectively;
  • Provide constructive, unbiased challenge and advice to the executive.
  • Seek to be fully informed about the College and its role in the higher education sector and to be responsive to the changing environments which affect it.
  • Observe and maintain confidentiality in matters entrusted to them;
  • Recognise that authority resides only with the Council as a whole and not in its individual members, and support decisions of Council once taken.

Members of the college Governing council of 2017-2020

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar PaulosEpiscopa
Mr. Ipe Abraham (F.C.A)
Dr. Anita Mathai, Principal
Staff Representative
Mr. Titus Thomas, Associate Professor
Other Members
Very Rev. K. M. Mammen
Prof. Alexander K. Samuel
Dr. Mathew P. John
Prof. Dr. George Varghese
Mr. Alex P. George
Mr. Johnson Abraham
Dr. Achamma Kurian
Smt. Jiji Mathew