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About Titus College

Mission & Strategic Vision

Vision of the College: “Lighted to Lighten”

Mission Statement

  • Imparting education to develop wholesome personality among its students with moral, civic, and human-rights consciousness.
  • Involvement and interaction with community as agents of transformation.
  • Promoting exploration in the realm of Teacher Education in the light of Christian understanding of World and Society.

Strategic Goals

  • Enrich research-enhanced learning by fostering curiosity and independent thinking.
  • Enhance co-scholastic initiatives by supporting flexible learning.
  • Embed civic engagement and strengthen our partnership in Tiruvalla and beyond to better serve a local, national and global community.
  • Ensure success for all students by developing employability throughout the curriculum to ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, attributes, experience and motivation that will make them highly valued by employers and equip them to make and achieve effective career decisions.
  • Enhance positive well-being of students and staff through all aspects of the educational experience.