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Campus Life

Student Leadership Enhancement Programmes

The programmes are geared at enabling prospective teachers to move beyond their own campus with an improved level of confidence and enriched knowledge.

Arts & Club
  • A vibrant campus experience through the organization of innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities so as to stimulate lifelong learning and community interaction.
  • Scope for participation in inter-house and inter-college arts competitions
  • Hone one’s artistic skill through:
    • Singing Competition
    • Dance Competition
    • Mono-act
    • Mimicry
    • Tableau
    • One-act play
    • Fancy Dress
    • Pookalam
    • Mime
    • Flower arrangement competition
    • Salad arrangement competition
    • Collage
    • Quiz
  • Club Structure
    • Faculty Coordinators
    • Student Elected Members
    • Student Voluntary Members
Literary & Debating Society
  • Ensures effectiveness of communication and also enhancement of creative and critical skills. Makes teachers reflective through opportunities for exercises in reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • The club serves as a social group to inspire companionship among students. It connects students with professionals in the field of communication, and assists students with their language skills.
  • Events/Activities of Club
    The events of the club include Reading Week, which comprises several public speaking activities such as debates, declamations, extempore and poetic recitations based on what the prospective teacher has read recently. Besides, Group Discussions and academic seminars are conducted regularly to improve the responsiveness of the students.
    Inter-collegiate elocution and debate competitions provide more space for development of literary and language abilities.
Social Service League
  • Establishes a commitment and positive attitude for social work through acts of sponsorship,education and volunteerism
  • Encourages its members to assume responsibility for identifying the need for social change and actively participate in facilitating such changes
  • Promotes collaborative working relationships with other student and campus groups/organizations
  • Extension activities include:
    • ‘School adoption programme’
    • Visit to destitute and palliative homes
    • Aid to the sick and needy
    • Organizing blood donation forums
    • Tuition to school students
    • Aid to the economically poor students
Sports and Recreation Club
  • Aims to foster team spirit and sportsmanship of the prospective teachers and to inculcate & enhance a sense of discipline and the spirit of true sportsmanship;
    • Events: The Sports Club regularly organizes a variety of sports and games events that include Cricket, Chess, Badminton, Throw ball, Handball, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, races, high-jump, long-jump, shotput, javelin throws, discuss throw, relays, march-past competitions etc.
    • Inter College Events entail Principal’s Trophy Inter-B.Ed. shuttle tournament, Inter-B.Ed. County Cricket Tournament
Nature Club
  • The Club serves as a vehicle to create awareness that the responsibility lies with each individual to 'Save the Earth' as well as be socially responsible.
  • Activities
    • Start up the Tree Walk on Campus
    • Visits to local nature preserves, land trusts, state parks and nature centers
    • Blood Donation Camp
    • Environmental quizzes
    • Essay-writing competition
    • Poster presentations
    • 'Say no to Plastic Bags' drive
    • Awareness programs on pollution control
    • 'Teaching the Poor' program
    • Agriculture farming
Moral & Religious Association
  • Aims to help learners blend character with teaching competence
  • Enhances the spiritual and emotional quotient of student teachers
  • Fosters pursuit of the deepest and the highest of the absolute and ultimate and the progressive expression of this pursuit in thought, feeling and action.
  • Programmes include celebration of all important religious functions, conduct of ethics class every Wednesday, prayer meetings every Friday, talks by eminent spiritual leaders from all religions
Women’s Cell
  • Aims at safeguarding the rights of female students
  • Provides a platform for listening to complaints
  • Organizes seminars, workshops and colloquiums related to women empowement
  • Skills to empower young women to recognize their true potential and attain emotional, mental and physical freedom to withstand the changing phases in life with fortitude.
Documentation Club
  • The Club aims at releasing creative as well as developing intellectual writing capabilities of prospective teachers.
  • Maintains documents of all the activities of the College during the academic year.