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Campus Life

Scholastic Improvement

  • Our Values and Guiding Principles
    • a commitment to providing the highest level of service to all clients;
    • the advancement of knowledge;
    • equitable access to information and knowledge;
    • intellectual freedom, academic freedom, and the integrity of scholarly research;
  • We Have:
    • A comprehensive collection of books, journals, periodicals and a consortium of e-journals.
    • OPAC (online public access catalogue) allows users to search the library's holdings from any location with internet access.
    • A user can access the bibliographic details of books from the website
Technology Lab
  • Ensures improved access to information, creation of an enabling environment for a wider participation in higher education.
  • learners perceive tasks as being under their control as opposed to being controlled by the teacher builds not only their self-confidence but a positive self-concept that plays a crucially important role in achieving positive learning outcomes.
  • Opportunities to start Student Blog & Videos
  • Internet facilities for learners
Psychology lab, Career& Counselling Lab
  • Growth and personal well-being by finding opportunities to vent frustrations, seek guidance, and self-generated solutions to personal, societal issues and queries as to how to tackle school students at the High school and higher secondary levels.
  • Opportunities for campus placements.
  • Interaction with a wider segment of speakers, social engineers, technologists, artists, and the like through series of interactive consortiums and colloquiums.