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Experiential Learning

Arrangements made for Practice Teaching

Institution-Based Input

  • Orientation to National goals of Education
  • Orientation to Professional Ethics
  • Practise for Public Speaking via various Platforms
  • Practise in Content Analysis
  • Practise in Setting Learning Objectivies
  • Tutor-Led Discussions of Planning Lessons
  • Designing of Lesson Transcripts Collectively & Individually
  • Demonstration of Various Approaches,Methods & Techniques of Teaching
  • Oranisation of Microteaching & link Practice Sessions
  • Criticism Lessons-Peer & Faculty Reviewed Lesson Execution
  • Practice in Designing Learning Aids
  • Offering of Guidance & Professional Mentoring

Institution -School Partnership:

  • Orientation by Experienced hands from the Filed (School Teachers) About
    o Pattern & Facilities for Learning Existing in Schools
    o Sociocultural Background of Students
    o Role & Duties of Teachers
    o Expected Code of Conduct
  • Identification & Selection of Schools
  • Identification of Experienced Supervisors
  • Faculty -Supervisor Conferences to Determine Requirements of the School
  • Supervisor-Intern Conferences to Balance the Intern’s Learning Goals with the School's Needs
  • 3Day School Visit to Understand the Backdrop of Insititution's

During Teaching Practice
(1month induction & 16 Week internship):

  • Adequate Supervision in a Resonably Safe Environment
  • Regular Meetings with School Supervisors at Internship Centres
  • Presentation of Weekly Reflective Accounts
  • Formative Feedback on all Elements of the Programme

Post Teaching Practice:

  • Learning Aids Exhibition
  • Experience Sharing & Reflection Session